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The exponential growth in the prepaid card industry is testament to the versatility and utility these cards offer to both the companies that use them and the card recipients. They are a solid solution for organizations looking to lower costs while delivering greater value to employees and customers alike.

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A growing market demands more tailored solutions

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Redefining the prepaid card industry

As the demand for cash alternatives continues to rise, the prepaid card industry is projected to reach $6.87 trillion by 2030.

Prepaid cards are often referred to as “the everyday card,” as they’re a convenient offering with exceptional end user limit management. Prepaid cards minimize the risk of overspending, as they limit it to the available card balance. With prepaid cards, you also have the ability to load the cards via multiple platforms in various ways, including bank account transfers, direct deposit, or cash, online, or in person.

Prepaid cards have taken the place of cash, checks, and other payment cards, contributing to their growth and overall popularity. Furthermore, the unbanked and underbanked populations are a large part of the overall boost in the market as more companies look to solve those individuals' unique needs. More than 8.4 million U.S. households still operate without bank accounts; generally speaking, this population opts for prepaid cards that are safe, inexpensive, and essential banking substitutes.


While the prepaid card industry is set for growth, there has been a significant slowdowns in the innovative products and service offerings provided to the market. Businesses and fintechs alike need flexible, secure and global prepaid payment programs and tools that can be tailored to meet both their unique needs and internal structures.

Additionally, fraudsters and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the prepaid industry, taking advantage of the lack of innovative solutions to help fight these advanced attacks.


At Brightwell, we know that no use case is exactly the same. Our comprehensive suite of prepaid card products is tailored to meet the demands of the industry — and your company.

We are all about providing innovative and flexible options that can be customized and white-labeled. We offer everything from a global payroll solution to a corporate expense or incentive program, or a fraud protection tool catered to the prepaid market.

Learn more about our prepaid solutions below.

Use Cases

Our products

Our products

Protect your prepaid cards from fraud

With Arden, you can fight fraudulent behavior, account enumeration and card testing attacks for prepaid cards

Your transaction monitoring team will have the actionable insights and recommendations they need to proactively prevent card testing attacks, protecting your entire card portfolio with just one, simple platform.

  • Near real-time data analysis that enables risk teams to quickly make data-driven decisions 
  • The platform leverages various rules and machine learning to identify trends and fraud signals 
  • Spend less time manually searching for suspicions activity and more time taking action to prevent losses 
  • Alerts delivered in app or via communication platform of choice (email, Slack, etc.) 
  • Custom workflow automation based on the team’s specific needs 
  • Identify cards and balance at risk in the company’s portfolio and proactively prevent fraud 
  • Easy integration with the processor for transaction data collection
  • Apply your own custom rules
  • Utilize learnings from a client-data consortium

A cross-border payment enablement platform for your prepaid program

ReadyRemit enables businesses, fintechs, and startups to send global payments

At Brightwell, we understand the arduous process of building a compliant and user-friendly global payment solution. ReadyRemit makes it easier than ever for you to drive revenue and loyalty from cross-border remittances embedded into your solution.

  • White label our remittance offering to your users
  • Seamlessly integrate via APIs or SDKs
  • Our APIs take on all of the development burdens usually left to the client
  • You have ultimate brand configurability using the SDK solution
  • Receive ongoing compliance and regulation coverage
  • Rest assured with settlement and recon reporting
  • Connect to 90% of the world’s population (to account and cash out options)
  • Strategic insight into pricing management
  • Benefit from customer support (tier two only)
  • Access and utilize white label marketing materials

Global prepaid payroll program

Simplified payroll solutions mean empowered workers

Pay globally dispersed workers easily by giving them access to a prepaid debit card — and the Navigator mobile app to spend and send their money safely and easily worldwide.

  • Provide global workers safe access to their money and an effortless way to send it home via cross-border remittances integrated into the platform 
  • Access multiple remittance providers and options (to account and cash out)
  • Empower a diverse workforce and promote cardholder welfare with tools, videos, and educational materials
  • Prevent account takeover and card testing attacks with fraud prevention tools and live staff monitoring transactions 24/7/365
  • Take advantage of in-app messaging to contact the support team, available 24/7/365
  • Easily replace lost, stolen or expired cards with on-site card printers

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