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Check out the resources on this page to learn how to use Brightwell Navigator and manage your money – save it, spend it, or send it from our app to your bank account virtually anywhere in the world, all safely and securely.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need to dispute a transaction?

If there is a transaction that you do not recognize or cannot resolve with a merchant, please submit a support ticket online providing the details of your dispute, including the date, transaction description and amount for the dispute process to be handled properly. If our investigation finds that an error occurred, your account will be refunded accordingly.

How does Brightwell protect my money?

Funds on your Brightwell card are insured up the amount on the card. Your Brightwell card and online accounts are protected through your credentials — a unique user name and password. Do not share this information with anyone. Your funds are no longer protected if you give your password, PIN, or CVV to someone else.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen card, contact Support immediately via your Navigator online account by creating a support ticket or by calling +1 855-821-4694 or +1 404- 855-2475. Support will restrict the lost or stolen card and assist with replacing your card. Once you notify Support, your funds are no longer at risk.

How does the currency conversion work?

The balance of your Brightwell Card is maintained in US dollars or in Euros. Anytime your card is used to make a purchase or cash withdrawal in a currency other than the card currency, a currency conversion fee will apply. The transaction will be converted to your card currency and deducted from your card.

Can I send wages to my bank account from my Brightwell Card?

Yes. You can either allocate your wages to one bank account, or split between two bank accounts and a Brightwell Card. You can also create an OnDemand transfer. It is recommended that you allocate wages to your Brightwell Card for personal use while in port. Sending money to both your Brightwell Card and a beneficiary bank account provides you with the best of both worlds.

Is the Brightwell Card a credit card?

No, the Brightwell Card is not a credit card and it requires no traditional bank account. However, when making purchases you can select to run the card as Credit (preferred) or Debit (PIN required).

Keeping your money safe

Protecting your hard-earned money is our number one priority at Brightwell.

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What can you do to
keep yourself safe?

  • Keep your card with you or in a SECURE PLACE at all times to help prevent fraudulent use.
  • Keep your PIN, Username and Password secret; DO NOT give them to anyone, including your friends or family members.
  • If your Brightwell Card is lost or stolen, contact the Crew Officer or Brightwell support IMMEDIATELY. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced onboard.
  • DO NOT use other team members’ laptops.
  • Remember to LOG OFF the web site when you are finished

Need more help?

Sometimes you might need extra help to resolve an issue. We are here for you 24/7/365. Follow these tips to open a support ticket and get help. Be sure to log in if you can to receive the fastest service.

How to contact support


Submit ONE support request

Start with the most important request; then, your support agent can help with any others. Opening multiple requests will slow down response time.

Screenshot any errors

Send us any errors you see with your support request. We can solve problems faster this way! Please allow 24 hours for a support agent to respond.

Get your crew ID or passport

Have your Crew ID or passport nearby because we may ask to verify your identity. Logging in before submitting your support request can help you skip this step.