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The challenges you face are unique — and so is our approach. Brightwell offers a complete pay card solution via Navigator, or a back-office option using ReadyRemit corporate disbursements. Either of these products can empower your business to pay your globally dispersed employees.

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A unified, end-to-end global payroll solution

Growth is important, and crossing borders to take advantage of economic opportunity and talent has amazing perks. But the challenges of maintaining a global payroll — like different currencies, foreign bank accounts, language and cultural barriers, and even time zones — might discourage companies from taking advantage of these opportunities.

That’s where we can help.


Many companies are looking to expand internationally, but are worried about the complexity of paying employees around the world. Staying on top of costs, compliance, and processes across a global organization can be overwhelming, and these challenges only multiply by the number of countries in which you choose to operate.

Data transparency across a global organization remains a top priority, but according to a Deloitte survey, more than 1,200 executives admit that it’s getting more complicated to keep track. Clean data is important, and using data controls and automation to prevent keying errors is becoming more common. But technology can only take you so far; you also need human proficiency and diligence. On top of that, maintaining compliance on a global scale can feel impossible when the rules are different everywhere you go (and always seem to be changing). Reinventing the wheel every time you need to pay employees in a new country causes inefficiencies, duplicated work, and overall higher costs.

Payroll accuracy is also a big challenge for any company — big or small, local or global. Mistakes can be costly, and not just because they usually come with fines tacked on to the original dollar amount! Payroll mistakes hurt employee morale, which in turn hurts your productivity. They also hurt your reputation, and drive payroll labor costs up as your staff spends time researching and correcting these errors.


Global growth drives a need for specialized expertise, and with more than 10 years of experience, Brightwell is a perfect solution for your outsourced payroll services. We focus on the unique needs, rules, and regulations of paying a global workforce. We make sure your payroll gets done so you can focus on growing your business.

We pay employees from more than 140 countries and have tailored our solutions to fit their needs. Companies like yours are taking advantage of our digital integration options to create centralized processes and address many of the global payroll challenges you face on a daily basis.

When it comes to paying your employees, we offer a full-service where we take on everything for you, as well as an API and SDK solution that easily integrates into your back-office tooling.

Use Cases

Our products

Our products

Your global payroll program

Simplified payroll solutions mean empowered workers

Pay globally dispersed workers easily by giving them access to a prepaid debit card — and the Navigator mobile app — to spend and send their money safely and easily worldwide.

  • Provide global workers safe access to their money and an effortless way to send it home via cross-border remittances already integrated into the platform
  • Access multiple remittance providers and options (to account or cash payout)
  • Empower a diverse workforce and promote cardholder welfare with tools, videos, and educational materials
  • Prevent account takeovers and card testing attacks with fraud prevention tools and a live staff monitoring transactions 24/7/365
  • Take advantage of in-app messaging to contact the Navigator support team, available 24/7/365
  • Easily replace lost, stolen or expired cards with on-site card printers
  • Mobile application can be white labeled to your brand

Corporate disbursements

Easily pay customers and employees globally

Managing a corporate disbursement program can be time-consuming for administration, and many businesses still rely on outdated processes like cutting checks. With ReadyRemit, our clients can easily pay vendors, workers, and provide customer-facing payouts like rebates, rewards, and refunds with one digital solution.

  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks or handling petty cash
  • Send global payments with one fast, transparent, and cost-effective solution
  • Deliver payments in near-real-time or same day to most end points
  • Integrate ReadyRemit directly into your current toolset, or use our custom platform

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  • Brightwell is a technology provider and not a bank or other regulated financial institution. All regulated services associated with ReadyRemit are provided by The Bancorp, N.A. Terms and conditions apply.