Drive passenger revenue and reduce costs

The cost of cash is rising globally1. With more than 30 years of combined industry experience, learn how Brightwell can take care of every component surrounding your ATM program — all with proven results of driving down crew cash needs by more than 30%2.
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Drive revenue and lower costs

Customize on-screen marketing ads

Review detailed metrics for reporting and analysis

years of combined industry experience
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reduction in crew cash needs2
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of consumers feel it is important to have access to cash3
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Leverage our industry experts and key partnerships

We work with the best in the industry

Day-to-day management of the ATM channel is complex and time-consuming. Our program provides your team with peace of mind knowing they are working with the best in the industry for cash delivery and innovative digital-first software and hardware.

NCR is the largest global provider of ATM software applications and hardware. Travelex has the worldwide reach to get cash almost anywhere. We partner with both to bring you the best possible ATM experience.
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“Working with Brightwell since 2019 has allowed us to move money safely and efficiently to new markets — further expanding our global reach. As a leading supplier of wholesale banknotes, it’s paramount that we continue to build and develop excellent working relationships with organizations like theirs.”
Angela Smith | Director Wholesale Banknotes, Travelex
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Experience greater business efficiency

Finally, an innovative ATM program that  meets your needs

At Brightwell, our team understands the global economic pressures at play today. We are able to distribute cash to difficult locations in remote areas. We employ the toughest security protocols to protect ATM and cardholder data. Our economies of scale deliver low-cost and high service standards. And our processing platform provides high availability with speedy transactions. What more can you ask of an ATM program with no upfront costs?

Drive revenue and lower costs

Deliver timely marketing messages for passengers and crew

Customizable on-screen ATM marketing messaging targets passengers and crew members alike.

When passengers use the ATM, we provide imagery and messaging directing them to take advantage of on-ship experiences or promotions like the spa, restaurants, or off-ship excursions. It’s easy for guests to take action and learn more about any given offering by scanning a trackable QR code.

Crew are presented with messaging related to the Navigator platform, encouraging them to take advantage of those services rather than using cash.
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ATM implementation made easy

What you get: Program options to meet your needs

Brightwell clients can choose either a full-service or self-service ATM mode.
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We supply everything and do all the work.

With our hands-free full-service model, our team takes care of everything — from installing equipment to delivering cash globally — so you can get back to what’s important. With this option, we provide it all:
  • Equipment, installation, maintenance, and operation support
  • Cash delivery with armored service
  • Capital financing for loading ATMs
  • Cash forecasting 
  • Transaction processing and settlement
  • Detailed reporting metrics 
  • On-screen marketing ads
  • Network connectivity 
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We supply the ATM, you load the cash.

With our self-service model, you take on the responsibility of cash stock and delivery, but are still able to leverage our detailed metrics reporting and analytics from our expert team. Simply put: With this option, we supply the ATM — you load the cash.
  • Equipment, installation, maintenance, and operation support
  • Recommendations for cash refills (if needed)
  • Transaction processing and settlement
  • Detailed reporting metrics 
  • On-screen marketing ads
  • Network connectivity 
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Your ATM program matters. Let the experts at Brightwell help you make the choice that’s right for you. Reach out today!

Thank you for your interest in our ATM solutions. A Brightwell representative will be in touch with you shortly!

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  • 2 With Brightwell ATMs onboard, crew pull out less cash, based on pre-COVID-19 numbers.
  • 3 Transaction Network survey.