Scale faster with our compliance and fraud prevention services

Built-in compliance as a service, transaction monitoring, and fraud prevention tools so you can build, launch, and grow your business faster.
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Instant KYC/OFAC

24/7 Transaction Monitoring

AML/BSA Monitoring

Case Management and Reporting

Risk Scoring and Alerting

BIN Attack Protection

Meet Global Regulatory Requirements

Biometric Authentication

Fraud Detection
Reduce Fraud to Near Zero
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PCI-certified solution identifies near real time card-testing attacks with auto blocking capabilities and risk scoring
Compliance (CaaS)
Meet Complex Regulatory Requirements
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Go to market support, meet all financial regulatory requirements, due diligence, AML/BSA monitoring and  ensures you meet current KYC and OFAC screening standards
KYC and 3D Face-Mapping with FaceCheck
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Identity verification and liveness detection that eliminates losses related to account takeover and runs KYC checks for global payments
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Our Story

For the past 15 years we’ve built a business that efficiently and securely sends money around the globe. Now we help our clients leverage our team of compliance and fraud experts to support their growth and expansion goals. Whether your business is facing a critical risk or seeking to capitalize on adding global payments into your business we have the proven expertise and tools to help.
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We offer a full suite of custom tools and services to address your compliance and fraud prevention needs:

  • Compliance as a service for global payments
    • Access to various payment rails
    • Meet all global regulatory requirements
    • Transaction and data monitoring for global payments
    • Due diligence (KYB)
    • Compliance audits
    • KYC/CIP/IDV screening
    • AML/BSA/OFAC monitoring and procedures
    • Dodd-Frank
    • Remittance transfer rule (RTR)
    • Sanctions screening
    • USAPP
    • CFPB risk assessment
    • Data and insights reporting
  • Built in fraud prevention solutions:
    • Near real-time card transaction monitoring
    • Alerting for BIN attacks (CNP)
    • Customizable rules
    • Case management
    • Risk scoring and machine learning (ML)
    • 24/7 transaction monitoring by our team of experts
    • Data and insights reporting
    • Biometrics and liveness detection via FaceCheck (SDK)

A focus on security can help attract new customers and retain existing ones

Don’t wait for fraud to strike

Consumers are becoming more aware of card fraud, and they are holding card issuers, banks, and digital wallet providers accountable. Read our report to learn more about consumer perceptions of fraud.
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Fight fraud in real-time

Stop card fraud before it impacts your bottom line

Arden® detects malicious patterns in card transactions at the merchant-level and displays card data in real-time. Your transaction monitoring team will have the actionable insights and recommendations they need to proactively prevent card testing attacks, protecting your entire card portfolio with just one, easy platform.
Get the Arden Guide
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Meet and exceed compliance standards

Go to market with the peace of mind that regulatory requirements are being met

Our built-in KYC/OFAC screening reduces the need for in-house compliance staff. Efficiently set up AML/BSA transaction monitoring rules.

Augment security with biometric screening

Prevent account takeover or perform KYC with our 3D face authentication technology

Our tool uses liveness detection and AI continuous learning to guard against newly-identified threats. Reduce the need for customer support due to forgotten passwords. Enable KYC and OFAC checking through an easy-to-implement SDK for global payments.
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Download our checklist

Can you spot fraud?

At Brightwell, we are on a mission to help organizations protect their cardholders and stop fraud before it impacts the bottom line. Arm your agents with the information they need to identify and mitigate fraudulent attacks.

“Brightwell's Arden solution protects our prepaid card users from fraud by minimizing card testing attacks. Providing secure payment solutions is our priority, and Arden is strengthening our existing suite of security solutions by adding an extra layer of fraud protection.”

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Matt Frye, Chief Product Officer, Dash Solutions
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We have you covered

When it comes to secure global payments, Brightwell’s full suite of compliance offerings has you covered from A to Z. We do the heavy lifting of compliance, regulatory requirements and banking relationships, so you can focus on building, launching, and scaling your business.

Whether you need real-time monitoring for fraud prevention, compliance as a service to help you complete due diligence and meet global regulatory requirements, or cutting-edge biometric authentication, our compliance and fraud services have you covered. Our solutions are fully customizable, based on the gaps in your team’s capabilities.

Request a consultation with our compliance services team to review your unique needs and discuss how we can help.

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