Fight prepaid, gift, debit & credit card fraud before it strikes

Are you ready for your next CNP fraud attack? Arden is.

Real-time data analysis

Custom workflow automation

Data-driven decision making  

Automate fraud detection

24/7 transaction monitoring

Protect prepaid card programs

reduction in fraud
Our clients observe a 95% reduction in prepaid card fraud*
Over 6 million authorizations scanned using Arden
attacks stopped
Arden, once activated, prevents all enumeration attempts*

22 lines of code

That is all it took for a criminal hacking gang to steal hundreds of thousands of customers card information.

Card attacks are a growing fraud risk and financial problem for card issuers and program managers globally. Cybercriminals, with little effort, can identify portfolio card data in minutes through programmatic attacks on vulnerable e-commerce sites. Once identified and validated, the card data is monetized resulting in significant financial losses. Is your company at risk?

With Arden, you can fight fraudulent behavior, account enumeration and card testing attacks for:

  • Prepaid cards
  • Gift cards
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

CNP & Prepaid Card fraud insights in real-time

Stop card fraud before it impacts your bottom line

Arden detects malicious patterns in card transactions at the merchant-level and displays card data in real-time. Your transaction monitoring team will have the actionable insights and recommendations they need to proactively prevent card testing attacks, protecting your entire card portfolio with just one, easy platform.

Fraud insights in real-time

Utilize learnings from a client-data consortium and apply your own custom rules engine for your unique business needs

Our team works alongside your transaction monitoring team to create custom rules based on your business’ particular needs. Create trusted and blocked merchant lists to help streamline activities.

Centralized card and merchant controls

We integrate with your card processor and centralize your work into one platform

Toggle between merchant and card views to easily evaluate the alerts and suspicious activity Arden detects. Interested in seeing how Arden can protect your business? Try our 60-day, risk-free trial to better understand how Arden can help.

Workflow automation

Spend less time manually searching for suspicious activity and more time taking action against it

By adding tools to your monitoring team’s arsenal, you will not only prevent fraud, but you will also be able to repurpose your team’s activities from monitoring to action.

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Can you spot fraud?

At Brightwell, we are on a mission to help organizations protect their cardholders and stop fraud before it impacts the bottom line. Arm your agents with the information they need to identify and mitigate fraudulent attacks.

“Having Arden monitor our transactions from another angle has saved our company millions.”

Ernie Moran, GM Arden
Necessity drives innovation and that’s exactly the case with Arden. We were confident in our fraud protection capabilities – we had over a decade of experience in the global payments market, our card program was secured by several transaction monitoring systems, and we had a team of fraud monitoring experts.

On April 8, 2020, that all changed when over 100 million CNP transactions were authorized on over 41,000 cards in a matter of hours, resulting in a $2.5 million loss. This attack exposed our blind spot by focusing on transactions of a single cardholder, we failed to see the identical authorizations occurring across thousands of cards spanning our entire card portfolio. Having Arden monitor our transactions from another angle has saved our company millions.


blocked merchants


blocked fraudulent transactions


attempted authorizations protected

Try our 60-day risk-free trial to better understand how Arden can help your business.