A culture built on putting people first

For five years running, Brightwell has been recognized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the best places to work in Atlanta — but that’s just the start of it. Our team of innovators, thinkers, and builders cares deeply about creating payment solutions that positively impact the lives of our users. Simply put, we’re a people-first company with a passionate team driven by a larger mission to do good in the world.
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“What’s most important at Brightwell isn’t just being the best in our industry — it’s serving our users, real people, all over the world. They tie everything we do together.”

- Larry Hipp, CEO
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Guided by our vision

We build user-first products that securely connect people around the globe to financial services. We believe in a future where payments are simple, secure, and accessible for everyone — this is the Brightwell vision and our driving force behind everything we do. And that belief isn’t just reflected in the work we do — it’s in the people we hire and the culture we build together. We value passion, innovation, and thoughtfulness, knowing that the best way to serve our users is through diversity of thought and origin. This spirit of serving our users and doing good is core to who we are and how we operate every single day, giving more meaning to the work we do than any metric possibly could.

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Serving communities at home and abroad

We make service a part of our ethos, providing donations for global disaster relief, helping local causes in our community, as well as weaving that philanthropic spirit into our daily lives. Each Wednesday, employees are encouraged to wear pink, and when they do, we donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We also set aside time for employees to spend one workday each quarter volunteering their time to a cause they care about, with opportunities everywhere from the Humane Society to the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. It all adds up, contributing to our culture of supporting people, both locally and globally.

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“There's so much I love about working at Brightwell. We've built a true community here of inspiring individuals that continue to celebrate and support you at every milestone. You're challenged to do great things and make a difference everyday!”
“My experience working at Brightwell has been incredible! I've been able to see first hand what it takes to build a business that's committed to making a difference in the world.”
“We're always growing and asking ourselves how we can do more? I love being a part of a team that allows you to have a direct impact and help evolve our products to serve the needs of our users.”

Working for the future

Brightwell launched an internship program to invest in the next generation of innovative payment thinkers. Each summer, we offer a small cohort of rising college juniors and seniors the opportunity to help us solve real-world business challenges. Interns work within their department of interest, anything from marketing to product development to finance. Working with their team leader, each intern delivers a presentation of their work at the end of their term. Executives from within the company also work directly with the students, hosting workshops on everything from what a 401k is to how to be a better public speaker. Our program opens in early spring, so check back then to apply!

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Making time for connection

When you join Brightwell you become part of a vibrant and passionate team that values all perspectives and enjoys learning and spending time together. Great culture doesn’t just come from formal initiatives or mission statements — it’s also fostered organically. That’s why we leave room for connective moments in everyday life at Brightwell in the form of smaller, lighthearted events like happy hours, baseball games, holiday parties, weekend 5K runs, and Hawaiian shirt day, just to name a few. We believe that time spent together can make all the difference when you're solving hard problems. One event we look forward to each year is the Brightwell Olympics, a friendly, day-long competition in which employees compete in everything from holding the longest plank to speed-finishing fifth grade math homework.

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Love what you do

Brightwell is made up of passionate people who see an opportunity to do good in the world, and feel called upon to step up to the plate to do it. We chose Brightwell because of the immediate and direct impact we can have on those who need our advocacy.

Interested in joining the team?

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