How we prioritize culture at Brightwell

Groups of Brightwell employees sit pod-style at tables in a conference room while CEO Larry Hipp presents a PowerPoint at the front of the room. The fintech company's logo is displayed on a banner to the left of the room.A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

How we prioritize culture at Brightwell

At Brightwell, people are our top priority and are at the center of our ethos. It’s reflected in our teams, in our work, and in our place on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s list of Top Workplaces for the last four years.

Our workplace culture, and the practices that surround it, deeply affect how we run our organization, from the work that we do to the people we hire.

We build culture with every hire. 

“Good culture” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone — which is why it’s important to define it. For Brightwell, it means that we’re working together towards our shared vision: making payments simple, secure, and accessible for everyone. We believe underserved and underbanked communities deserve to have the same financial access and tools available to meet their unique needs. With this purpose as our north star, we’re able to work together to accomplish seemingly unsolvable problems with passion and optimism.

In practice, this means that when we’re bringing new Brightwellians on, we don’t just send an offer to the candidate with the best credentials (though those are important, too). Our unbiased hiring process prioritizes understanding why the candidate wants to work at Brightwell, ideally because they’re excited about our mission, are looking to make a difference in the world through their work, or want to feel a connection to the end user we serve.

We aren’t interested in hiring the best software engineer or account manager if our mission doesn’t excite them. At the end of the day, we believe our competitive advantage is a team that’s all rowing in the same direction and aligned by our vision of a different tomorrow. By ensuring that we all align with what we’re working towards at Brightwell, we are confident our hires will be a positive contribution to the team and the driving force to achieve our mission.

We know that our people make our company — not our products. 

Our commitment to our people doesn’t end once we bring them into Brightwell. Instead, we continue to put our employees first, supporting them in difficult times not because we’re obligated to do so, but because we believe it’s the right thing to do. Whether it’s supporting a Brightwellian who has lost someone with flexible bereavement or someone looking to expand their career but trying a new specialty, we are dedicated to doing right by our people.

It's not hierarchical and it’s not shrouded in bureaucracy — this approach boils down to respect and good intention, bringing the same values we infuse into our work into our workplace. Because of it, Brightwell employees have the peace of mind that if life happens, they won’t be left behind.


We bring our service-based mindset into our communities both near and far. 

At Brightwell, we make giving back a priority. Every quarter, employees are encouraged to take a day to give back, volunteering with a cause that matters to them. They’re given a day to do in-person work, whether it’s with an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, allowing them to work directly in their community.

Our employees are also encouraged to wear pink each Wednesday in honor of a former Brightwell employee who passed away from breast cancer. For every person who wears pink, Brightwell donates to breast cancer research. 

We also recognize that because we are a global organization with users in more than 140 countries, we have a responsibility not just to our local neighborhood, but to the globe. When disaster strikes, we give back, hosting donation events and bringing awareness to communities in need.

Culture isn’t just a bullet on a list of values — it must be intentionally built over time by like-minded people working towards the same goal. To learn more about Brightwell’s commitment to being a great place to work, read our Culture page and check out our Careers page. We’d love to meet you!