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We call ourselves “Brightwellians” – a team of passionate people who view their jobs as opportunity to do good in the world. Many of us chose to work here because of the immediate and direct impact we can have on the payments industry. Affecting change and using available — and developing— technology to increase the quality of life for hardworking people brings us joy and fulfillment of a much larger mission.

Our team loves working together

Arden Team

Aldo Reyes, Senior Software Engineer
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"This is the best multi-cultural and disciplinary team I've ever been a part of. It's a place where we have the freedom to use the latest technologies to achieve what once seemed impossible."

Finance Team

Alayna Martinez, Director of Treasury
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"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. I am so fortunate I work for a company full of contributors! Hands down, being a team member here at Brightwell is a highlight of my career. #userfirst”

Navigator Team

Alison Assenza, Product Manager
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"Working for Brightwell has enabled me to challenge myself and keeps me constantly evolving as a technology professional. It's a privilege to contribute to a product that improves the lives of migrant workers all over the globe."

ReadyRemit Team

Hal Ramakers, SVP, Global Solutions
A man wearing a blue suit and white shirt.
"I love being a part of something that’s on the cutting edge of payments. We’re making a difference in cross border payments by removing so much friction for fintechs, sponsor banks and corporations.”

Love what you do

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We solve big problems

The payments industry is ever evolving.
We have made some major strides but the work ahead of us will not be easy. The global financial system is complex and rigorous. It’s our job to make it simple and easy for our clients, removing the usual burdens they face with global payments.
We don’t know all the answers.
The pace of change in the payments industry is unmatched! The problems we’re most excited to solve are far beyond our current areas of expertise. This is a motivator for all of us as it allows individuals to grow, pick up new skills and experiment with new ideas. We are a team that likes to take on the unknown. Are you?
Our growth depends on our customers' growth.
The things worth doing are rarely simple. We need to allow our customers to grow and expand across the globe unhindered. It is our job to remove barriers and help them scale and succeed.

Driven by our why

When you come to work here, you know you’re helping to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We set a high bar in determining the ideal candidate to be a part of our team. More than anything else, we look for people who think and act like founders and care about the people they serve. Do you dream big? Do you have relentless curiosity, passion, and work ethic? If so, we want to meet you!

Our values

A set of core values guides how we think and collaborate. They lay the foundation for a culture that is fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and rooted in passion and positivity. We live by these values – we hire by them, promote them, and celebrate them every day.

User first

Everything starts with our users in mind.

Thoughtful innovation

We use thoughtful innovation to drive our mission forward.

Quick is better than slow

We move with a sense of urgency and iterate based on what we learn.

Passion and optimism

With passion and optimism, together we solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

Act with integrity

We act with honesty and integrity in everything that we do.

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