Love What You Do

A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

There’s a baseline set of criteria elite career-seekers look for in a prospective company – stability, a great schedule, and work/life balance to name a few. Call it ticking the boxes for living a prosperous and happy life in and out of the office; and for many, that’s where it ends.

But what about the person who wants more? More than the table stakes of typical perks and run-of-the-mill vacation days. These are souls who are driven by a mission. Professionals who need a collaborative and uplifting workplace, filled with people who are both at the top of their field and strive to rise ever higher. Seekers who know they can make a difference in the world but just need the right vessel to do it.

At Brightwell, we know those types well. They pass us in our hallways every day, collaborate on product roll-outs and customer care, and ideate day in, day out, on how to make the world better. The dream-makers, world-changers, and overachievers – they’re us. We’re hoping you see a little of yourself in them, too.

The Mission

We call ourselves “Brightwellians” – a team of passionate people who see an opportunity to do good in the world, and feel called upon to step up to the plate to do it. Brightwellians don’t see their jobs as going to work just to go to work – many of us could have taken positions elsewhere, even with higher salaries or in bigger cities, but chose Brightwell because of the immediate and direct impact we can have on those who need our advocacy. Affecting change and using available (and developing) technology to increase the quality of life for hardworking people on the other side of the world brings us Brightwellians more joy and fulfillment than a big brand name ever could.

The People

Looking beyond the call of working for the greater good, life at Brightwell also features a collaborative and positive workplace – and the opportunity to make a ton of new friends. From your first day, you’re one of us; ushered into a family-style environment where we band together to create something amazing, building on and improving upon each other’s ideas and contributions. At Brightwell, we have what I like to call work-life integration: we have our personal time and home life, but also have an authentic interest in our colleagues and care about who they are outside of what we can do for each other at work. Brightwell actively hires kind, openhearted people that voluntarily bring their personal sides to the table, fostering a tighter-knit, stronger, and more connected team.

The Perks

We work hard for a serious cause, but we certainly don’t shy away from a celebration or two – recognizing personal and professional achievements with welcoming lunches for new hires, optional after-hours meetups, and small group lunches with our executive team to get to know the people behind the fancy titles. But since we are seeking top-tier talent, we know we need to offer up a few other top-tier benefits, as well.

Every day, our ship-bound users are our focus. For that reason, taking advantage of travel perks is something heavily encouraged for everyone who works at Brightwell. Going on-ship not only gives you the opportunity to visit a new part of the world (pasta in Venice, anyone?) but more importantly, offers a better understanding of who our users are and how we can better serve them. The experience of an on-ship implementation has been described as “life-changing” and “eye-opening” by current Brightwell employees, and vastly alters the way all of us view both our work and how we live our lives.

Are you one of us?

So, you’re looking for more than a job. You’re skilled. You’ve been in your industry for a little while, and boilerplate perks and benefits just don’t cut it anymore. So, what’s our offer? A little more purpose in your day. Extra pride in the work you do. Personal fulfillment you can’t find at just any tech startup or agency nine-to-five. And the community of a big, diverse family dedicated to seeing the world through different eyes. Here, you won’t always have someone holding your hand, so an intuitive self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and the know-how to see what needs to be done before it’s asked is key.

But so is being kind. One of the best things about working with Brightwell is that we genuinely like each other. We help each other. We support each other. And we’re doing work that matters on a global scale – all while seeing the world and changing lives each day. We’re a family, a crew of big dreamers and doers, diverse global advocates who care about the state of the world and are determined to do something about it.

So what do you say? Come change the world with us?