Digital reimbursements that live up to your brand’s promise

Latitude is a software solution that accelerates complex refunds, corporate disbursements, reimbursements, and other payouts.

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The Problem

Your business provides stellar service to customers all around the globe—until a one-off payment is due.


Companies obsessed with the customer experience are, on average, 60% more profitable.2


83% of travel and hospitality industry consumers identify CX as one of their top three most important decision-making factors.1

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Putting control and predictability back into the hands of the customer when the unexpected happens.

Give your guests the white-glove experience they expect.

Send global payments with one fast, transparent, and cost-effective solution.

No more paper checks, phone tag, or endless email threads.

Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks or back and forth customer discussions.

Accelerate delight digitally to guests from 180 countries.

Deliver payments to most endpoints efficiently.

Your brand shines front and center.

Integrate directly into your current mobile or web experience.

Transparency across the process. For your customers and your guests.

With personalized URLs, you’ll know when things happen for your customers and your books.

Designed for the enterprise


We make reimbursements for lost luggage, delayed flights, and food or lodging quick and easy. Keep passengers and employees in high spirits by reducing the potential for human error and the number of steps an agent takes to process a refund.

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Your customers love cruising with you. Make sure they love every step of the customer experience with quick, easy payouts for inconveniences like cancellations and delays.

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Latitude enables NGOs to get funds quickly to those who need it most, whether that’s your staff on the ground or the people receiving direct aid. By making corporate disbursements straightforward, we free up time for you to deliver on your mission.

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Travel & Hospitality

Latitude enables quick reimbursements to guests for inconveniences like weather delays and cancellations. From purchase to payout, keep guests on your side through the entire travel journey.

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Is this PCI compliant?

Yes, using Latitude eliminates the need to share guests' PII over non-secure platforms.

How quickly can Latitude be implemented?

This is a fully managed program with no code needed, making it easy to get up and running in a matter of weeks.

Can this be custom branded?

Yes, Latitude's white label design ensures your brand remains front and center for a seamless guest experience.

How many currencies are supported?

Latitude can support payments in 160 currencies, to recipients in 180+ countries.

1. CX in the travel and hospitality industry," Foundever™, 2023
2. Digitalization changes client advisory more than ever before," Deloitte, 2017

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