Embedded digital payments for all your B2B needs

More businesses than ever are making and receiving digital payments, thanks to the efficiencies and capabilities they provide. Has your company gone digital? Brightwell offers a number of B2B products to meet ever-evolving payment method needs.

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B2B remittance and disbursement solutions

How we work

A growing digital payment ecosystem

Today, businesses expect the same speed and functionality for payments as their personal accounts. According to PYMNTS.com, 80% of B2B transactions are expected to go completely digital by 2025. With such a large percentage of business transactions impacted by the digital age, businesses feel pressure to adopt digital solutions — or lose their competitive edge in this evolving market. Luckily for you, we can help.


In our rapidly-changing world, businesses need embedded digital payment solutions to pay global suppliers, simplify expenses, and modernize their rewards programs.


Brightwell offers digital B2B payment solutions that keep you on the cutting edge when it comes to your operational needs and expectations. Whether it’s fraud protection on your card portfolio, launching a corporate expense card program, sending cross-border payments, or a rewards program, we’ve got you covered!

Use Cases

Our products

Our products

A cross-border payment enablement platform

ReadyRemit enables businesses, fintechs, and startups to send global payments

At Brightwell, we understand the arduous process of building a compliant and user-friendly global payment solution. ReadyRemit makes it easier than ever for businesses and fintechs to drive revenue and loyalty from cross-border remittances.

Benefits include:

  • Easily onboard with our automated process 
  • Seamlessly integrate via APIs or SDKs 
  • ~Our APIs take on all of the development burdens usually left to the client 
  • ~You have ultimate brand configurability using the SDK solution 
  • Receive ongoing compliance and regulation coverage 
  • Rest assured with settlement and recon reporting 
  • Connect to 90% of the world’s population 
  • View strategic insights into pricing management 
  • Assistance provided for Tier 2 customer support issues
  • Access and utilize marketing materials

Corporate disbursements

Easily, digitally pay global vendors, customers and employees

Managing a corporate disbursement program can be time-consuming, and many businesses still rely on outdated processes like cutting checks. With ReadyRemit, organizations can easily pay vendors, workers, and others not on payroll, and provide customer-facing payouts like rebates, rewards, and refunds with one digital solution.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks or handling petty cash
  • Send global payments with one fast, transparent, and cost-effective solution
  • Deliver payments in near-real-time, or same day to most end points
  • Integrate ReadyDisburse directly into your current toolset, or use our custom platform

CNP and prepaid card fraud insights in real-time

Stop card fraud before it impacts your bottom line

Arden detects malicious patterns in card transactions at the merchant level and displays card data in real-time. With Arden, your transaction monitoring team has actionable insights and recommendations needed to proactively prevent card testing attacks, protecting your entire card portfolio with just one easy platform.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time data analysis and fraud detection
  • Automated, customizable workflows
  • Data-driven analysis for quick decision-making
  • 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and alerting
  • Custom rules based on business learnings
  • Trust and block merchant lists

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  • Brightwell is a technology provider and not a bank or other regulated financial institution. All regulated services associated with ReadyRemit are provided by The Bancorp, N.A. Terms and conditions apply.