Larry Hipp

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Hipp is Brightwell’s Chief Executive Officer and a member of Brightwell’s board of directors.

Steering the company at the highest level, Larry brings nearly 20 years of experience in finance, software engineering, and product development to his position as CEO. He has been with Brightwell since 2016, when he started as Chief Technology Officer. He then held the role of Chief Operating Officer for four years before taking on his current title.

In his time leading Brightwell, Larry has focused efforts on making the company a truly user-centric one, an initiative that has had a huge effect not just on how Brightwell serves its users, but how it hires employees. He is interested in not just creating great products, but creating great products that serve real people. This approach is reflected in the team he leads, as well — his leadership has transformed Brightwell’s vision and mission into one that is passionately user-centric. He has also been critical to Brightwell’s expansion into both fraud protection and remittance, helping steer the company toward new opportunities.

Prior to his work at Brightwell, Larry served as EVP of Technology and Operations at 352 Inc, a role that combined leadership over both the technology and operations teams. Prior to working at 352, Larry spent years leading software engineering teams, getting his start in software engineering himself. It’s this background that gives him excellent perspective that follows through to his leadership today.

Larry earned his BS in Management Information Systems from Auburn University and completed his MBA at the University of Tampa. When he’s not working, you can usually find him field-side, cheering on his three children (or ushering them to the next activity). A real technologist at heart, a graveyard of Kickstarter projects-past lie in his desk drawers. He also enjoys coaching the next generation of leaders and devotes time to mentoring anyone in whom he sees potential.