The Brightwell 2022 Employee Awards

9 Brightwell employee award winners hold up their award posters which feature their name, award title, and description of the award category on a blue, green, teal, and purple branded background.A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

At Brightwell, we have several methods of recognizing our employees to let them know they are valued and appreciated. Each member of our team contributes to our overall success and at the end of every year, we look to say thank you in a big way! 

The highest of all honors is to receive one of the annual Brightwell Awards. Each year, Brightwellians are asked to vote amongst their peers for those who are most deserving in nine different categories. By letting our employees nominate their peers, they get to recognize and celebrate the people whose efforts make a difference for their teammates

Think about the last time you put your heart and soul into a project, spent tireless hours making it into something you were proud to present, and then nailed the execution. The feeling of personal accomplishment is exhilarating, but that feeling multiplies exponentially when others also take notice of your hard work.

It pays off for companies to value employee recognition. According to Quantum Workplace, companies that take the time to recognize their team members enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale, and improved productivity. A recent report by Deloitte found that organizations with employee recognition programs were 12x more likely to reach their business objectives and had 31% lower turnover than those without. 

During our end-of-the-year holiday party, we hold an awards ceremony in which the winners of the coveted Brightwell Awards are announced. Following the awards ceremony, the most recent winners are displayed on a prominent wall in our Atlanta headquarters. Publicizing our awards sends a clear message to visitors about what Brightwell values as an organization. Keep reading to learn more about each of the 2022 Brightwell Award Winners!

The Brightwell 2022 Award Winners

MVP of the Year - The MVP for Brightwell is someone who without their help and presence, we would not be where we are today. They are integral to the success and future of our company. Please pick the employee that in your mind stands above the rest. 

Brightwell’s 2022 MVP of the Year - Matt Hylton 


2022 Rookie of the Year - This is a new team member that’s really making waves here at Brightwell. Even though they've only been here a short while, we don't know how we ever did it without them.

Brightwell’s 2022 Rookie of the Year - Odniel “Odie” Manon 

Culture Champion - “We are the champions, my friend. And we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end.” This individual brings positivity and comradery to the company. This person is vital to employee engagement and the overall experience of working at Brightwell. They exude our core values and embrace the company as if it's their own. 

Brightwell’s 2022 Culture Champion - Kelly O’Malley 


The Get Ship Done Award - If there was a problem, yo they'd solve it. No task is too complicated, not challenge too daunting. This person finds the solution to any problem with innovative and outside the box thinking. Not content with just getting it done, they GSD.

Brightwell’s 2022 Get Ship Done Award - Dan Chimento 


User Hero - They've saved the day for one or many of our users. It may have even gone unnoticed by most, but that's not why they do it. They care about making a difference. They understand that customer experiences are critical to our success. This person takes that value to heart and puts our users first in everything that they do.

Brightwell’s 2022 User Hero - John Sewell 

The Trim Tab Award - Small changes to lead to a BIG impact. Just like the trim tab this person makes subtle moves each day to move the direction of the company. Thanks to them, change is possible and we see a brighter future ahead!

Brightwell’s 2022 Trim Tab Award - Jacob Uwujaren

The Bipartisan - This person is willing to "cross the aisle" to make things happen. They understand that to truly be effective, it sometimes requires going outside their department. To them, there are no lines when it comes to finding a solution - they work with everyone.

Brightwell’s 2022 Bipartisan - Jess Starobinets 

The Chippy - "I'm not so sure about that one..." You have to go through a lot of bad ideas to knock the good ones out of the park. We shouldn't be the type of company who can't find some humor in our mistakes and losses. So the best bad idea of the year award goes to…

Brightwell’s 2022 Chippy Award - Larry Hipp & a change in internal tool 


The Ros - Rosalind was one of the most influential and loved leaders here at Brightwell. Her impact was indescribable and she was known for holding down the fort even when things got difficult. We miss her every day and want to honor her memory, what she brought to Brightwell, and the people she worked with. The person who wins this award is dependable and does what it takes to get the job done. They hold everything together and stay with the team to the very end. This award will be selected by the leadership team.

Brightwell’s 2022 Ros Award - Scot Brands