Simple, seamless, secure: what today’s user expects from a remittance service

Cross-border remittance users

When we marvel at the speed and efficiency of cross-border transactions in the digital age, it's easy to overlook the stories embedded in them. For countless individuals, sending money across borders to family or friends isn't just a routine task. It's a highly emotional gesture filled with love, hope, and responsibility.

Imagine, for example, a talented musician who crosses borders and moves to a bustling city. Every performance, every applause, fuels his passion. But at the end of the month, as he sends a portion of his earnings back home, he's not just sharing his success. He's supporting his mother’s medical treatments and expressing gratitude for her sacrifices for his childhood music lessons. 

The stories behind cross-border remittances are personal narratives, where the people involved seek more than just transactional efficiency. They look for platforms that echo their sentiments. Every successful remittance is, in essence, a commitment fulfilled. 

Meeting user expectations

When it comes to a cross-border payment application, users have clear expectations for the tools and platforms they trust. They want simplicity, seamlessness, and, above all, security.  These expectations are further shaped by nuanced generational factors. For instance, while digital natives demand modern aesthetics and intuitive user interfaces, baby boomers, who've transitioned through the technological evolution, may have more of a steadfast focus on reliability and straightforwardness. 

Regional dynamics also play a role in shaping remittance needs. Take the Philippines, where cash is the preferred method of payment for 94% of Filipino adults. Here, offering cash picks-ups is essential to recipient expectations of receiving a money transfer. 

Contrast the Philippines with countries like India, which is quickly evolving towards a cashless economy, driven by federal mandate. India received the highest ever foreign inward remittances in a single year of $89 million in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Their digital revolution has led citizens to prioritize speed over all else, requiring a swift transfer to a digital account or wallet.

Only a platform that seamlessly integrates both cash drop services and digital wallet/mobile banking functionalities, as well as other cultural nuances, can truly claim a global reach, navigating beyond regional challenges to serve universally.

For families and individuals who send global remittances, this ability represents a sacred connection between them and the people who rely on their commitment. The key is blending global innovations with local sensibilities to create universally resonant platforms.

Simplicity: the key to user satisfaction

The ideal cross-border payment solution experience allows users to swiftly and effortlessly transfer funds without the burden of navigating through complicated interfaces or switching between multiple platforms. 

For Millennials and Gen Z, every microsecond counts. Accustomed to lightning-fast responses and intuitive design, they expect nothing short of excellence. In fact, digital natives consider speed to be the most important characteristic of digital products.

Meanwhile, the baby boomers, who've evolved their digital literacy over decades, seek familiarity. Many are less perturbed by the gloss and glitter of modern design and are instead concerned with the dependability and effectiveness of the platform.

The payment journey should be efficient and straightforward, where every step is intentionally designed to minimize hassle. Simplifying the process is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a show of respect for the valuable time of the people using the institution’s platforms.

Seamlessness: integration with familiar tools

Users seek a payment process that integrates effortlessly with the tools they use daily. Ideally, a successful integration eliminates the need for additional apps or complicated steps. It ensures that users can initiate cross-border payments with ease, enhancing their overall experience.

As the younger, digitally-native generation toggles between apps with finesse, they expect  their remittance platform to be on par with best-in-class integration and functionality. The older generations, on the other hand, may prioritize reliability. Experience has taught them to value a system that consistently works, even if it doesn't flash the latest in UI design.

Furthermore, a well designed, cohesive experience helps FIs keep payments entirely within their own platforms. Not only is this the preferred method of engagement for today’s digital customers, it keeps users on the FI’s platform longer and encourages them to visit more frequently.

Security: building trust and confidence

When individuals entrust their hard-earned dollars, often meant for the well-being and support of their loved ones, to a financial institution, it goes beyond a mere transaction. It's a deeply personal decision driven by the desire to provide and protect. 

As institutions cater to these diverse, yet universally emotional needs, recognizing and addressing the unique cultural and generational expectations become paramount.

In such circumstances, the need for unwavering trust in the security of funds becomes even more profound. A financial institution's ability to instill this trust not only safeguards the users' finances but also nurtures the emotional peace and confidence that come with knowing their money will safely reach its intended recipient.

Beyond form and function

Understanding the minutiae of cross-border payments and transactions is just half the equation. Each remittance carries with it stories, hopes, and dreams of families divided by borders. Meeting user expectations is all about valuing the emotions and commitments these transactions represent.

The future of remittances isn't just about faster transactions or broader coverage. It's about financial institutions that exceed user expectations and foster a global environment of trust and loyalty. 

Fintechs like Brightwell offer a platform that creates bridges that resonate with personal stories and aspirations. They continuously evolve, ensuring every user feels heard, respected, and valued.

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