Local Innovators Tackling Global Challenges: Jessica Starobinets Speaks at Global Atlanta’s Solutions Summit

Jessica Starobinets speaks on the Local Innovators panel at ATL Solutions Summit.A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

Brightwell was delighted to participate in Global Atlanta’s first ATL Solutions Summit. Set in the downtown headquarters of CARE and presented by Atlanta International School, the event was a meeting of innovative minds from companies on a mission to do social good. Our own Jessica Starobinets, Program Manager for ReadyRemit, joined a panel discussion with representatives from Tickets for Good and Charityvest fora spirited discussion about how their missions empower consumers to move their money in ways that serve. 

Jessica journeyed through Brightwell history, highlighting how Brightwell enables financial inclusion across the globe. The origin story about how Navigator, our flagship solution, revolutionized the payroll experience for cruise industry employees over a decade ago set the stage: “These people are working on ship for six to nine months on a contract away from their families,” said Jessica, “and they’re doing that to be able to provide a better life for their families back home. It’s important for us to make the process of sending money [back home] as easy and frictionless as possible.

”Like so many other firms, the pandemic presented both new challenge and opportunity for Brightwell. A period of deep user-centric research gave rise to Brightwell’s latest product launch, ReadyRemit. ReadyRemit is a cross-border payments solution that enables organizations to make global payments – either within their own platforms or through Brightwell’s fully managed program. ReadyRemit solves a widespread challenge for NGOs: how to increase the number of clients served while minimizing administrative overhead and fees. A typical scenario is the NGO which needs to get money to its on-the-ground disaster recovery workers for materials or supplies. Historically, that’s not easy to do, especially in remote locales with limited financial infrastructure. Leveraging ReadyRemit, organizations can get money to their people quickly and in almost every corner of the globe. No more hoping the money gets there – our users can be sure that their money is safe, opening a world of financial possibility for organizations, their workers, and the people they serve.

The summit reflected a renewed energy for making tangible impact on a global scale. We’re grateful to Global Atlanta and co-presenter Atlanta International School for making it happen.