International Day of Family Remittances

A green and blue text logo that reads "International Day of Family Remittances: 16 June." This day recognizes the global workers that rely on remittance fintech and cross-border payment technology to send money home to their families. Brightwell is proud to be a supporter of this empowered and diverse workforce.A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

As we can all attest by looking around our own homes, families can be defined in all shapes and sizes. Increasingly, the number of families who have scattered across the globe, often in search of a better future, continues to redefine our traditional vision of the “family unit”. According to the International Labor Union, the number of international migrant workers has surpassed 169 million, constituting nearly 5% of the global workforce. Further, the World Bank estimates $553 billion is sent by this population in remittances back to family and friends in their home countries. Clearly this remittance flow is a critical source of income for many households.

Brightwell is honored to serve this community with the very tools that keep the flow of funds1 moving between far flung family members. On this International Day of Family Remittances, we celebrate the remarkable contributions made by these hard-working pioneers who diligently send money back home, supporting their loved ones and uplifting entire communities.

In virtually any conversation with a member of our user base, we are awestruck by the far-reaching impact of their family remittances. These monetary flows are not merely financial transactions; they embody a deep sense of responsibility, care and commitment towards the well-being of family members back home. We are humbled by the broader sense of family and community responsibility demonstrated on a daily basis by our user base. Their remittances act as catalysts for socio-economic development, improving education and paving the way for a brighter future.  

We know first-hand what strong ties are maintained to their home countries, through the regular transmission of funds to ensure their families have access to a better quality of life. This International Day of Family Remittances provides everyone at Brightwell with an opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices made by international workers to support their loved ones. We celebrate the profound impact of this workforce and their unwavering commitment to their families and communities.  

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