Crew Member Spotlight: Carolina

Norweigan Cruise Line crew member Carolina Scuteri sits in a backbend pose in her bathing suit on a beach. She is one of the thousands of maritime industry peers who receives her paychecks through Brightwell's global payroll solution, Navigator.A person holding a tablet with icons on it.

Norwegian Cruise Line crew member Carolina Scuteri embodies the spirit of her home country of Brazil: she loves music, her people, adventure, and spreading happiness wherever she goes. Carolina began her career as a teacher before taking her talents to Norwegian, where she currently works as a Youth Counselor. “It was the opportunity to travel and work at the same time, while also saving money and helping my family,” Carolina says of why she chose to leave life on land behind and take to the seas. “I don’t have bills to pay onboard, so I can help my mother back home.”

Carolina grew up in the stunning landscape of Brazil, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls, and an interesting array of pets. “I had lots of animals at home, such as dogs, cats, chickens, a rabbit and a monkey. They were all part of our family.” In addition to her love of nature and animals, Carolina’s upbringing in Brazil also inspired a love of exploration. “My family always travelled together around my country and I believe that was what gave me the passion for traveling the world.”

Working for NCL gives Carolina the chance to travel the world and using the Brightwell Navigator mobile app gives her ability to take care of her family at home. “I send money to my mother every month and also I pay for a family vacation once a year, so we can share great moments together.” It is clear the people in Carolina’s life are very important to her, from treating her family to taking time to make friends on board. She even met a very special person through her new career – her best friend! “We are both from the same city in Brazil, but we only met through working together on the ship. It’s a friendship we’ll have for a lifetime.”

“I send money to my mother every month and also I pay for a family vacation once a year, so we can share great moments together.”

In the future, Carolina wants to combine her passion for travel and education to enrich the lives of others. “I want to keep growing as a professional and use my money to have an education organization in Brazil to help young girls learn languages and give them opportunities to travel.” In addition to her professional goals, it is no surprise that Carolina has some equally incredible personal goals. “I am learning a new language, and I want to backpack Europe by myself later this year. When I am finished with ship life, I’ll teach yoga and start my educational organization.”

For anyone looking to begin their own #ShipLife adventure, look no further than Carolina’s insider info on what to expect. “I never thought I’d get to go to places like Jamaica, Bermuda, and Alaska. If you want to work on a cruise ship, choose to do something you love,” she advises. “It is going to be a long time of your life, so make the most of it. Even if you don’t love your job so much, you can still make friends, share, learn and find the good part of everything you do. Make this one of the best experiences of your life!”