Brightwell named 9th in the 2023 AJC Top Workplaces awards

The AJC Top Workplaces 2023 banner and white Brightwell logo. A big target with arrows stuck in the rings labeled 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

On Thursday, August 12, 2023, the vibrant atmosphere of celebration enveloped the Coca-Cola Roxy as Brightwell employees came together to commemorate the prestigious AJC Top Workplaces awards ceremony. In a landscape where more than 7,000 companies vied for the spotlight, only a select 175 qualified for the awards. While our achievement within the top 175 had been disclosed earlier this year in March, the much-anticipated moment arrived when AJC published the results in three categories: small, mid-size, and large.

Gradually, the small company category unveiled its top 75 contender. The air at the Brightwell tables was charged with anticipation. Our journey of continuous improvement over the years was evident, marked by our ascent from the 64th ranking in 2018, to a commendable 22nd ranking in 2022. The excitement intensified as the presentation reached its zenith with the announcement of the top ten. The room resonated with exuberant cheers as we celebrated our remarkable achievement of placing 9th in 2023.

We know how tough it is to make this list, and we are delighted to be surrounded by such great companies.  “Empowered by a shared purpose, our team at Brightwell is dedicated to serving our users with passion, anchoring our values at the heart of every endeavor,” said CEO Larry Hipp, “This recognition stands as a tribute to their unwavering dedication and the cohesive culture we have collaboratively fostered. They don’t perceive their roles as mere transactions; rather, they perceive them as fulfilling a purpose. This award truly testifies to their remarkable contributions.”  

Keeping our unique culture strong and thriving is an ongoing endeavor, one that lies at the very core of our identity at Brightwell. Driven by a resolute mission, we strive to recruit individuals brimming with passion and empathy, fostering an environment where collaboration flourishes. This year's position in the AJC Top Workplaces is a resounding validation—an assurance that the investments we've made in cultivating the distinct Brightwell culture have given exactly the results we hoped for.  

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