Brightwell Launches ATM Program Solutions for Maritime Clients

ATLANTA, GA (December 6, 2022) — Atlanta-based global payments technology company Brightwell launched its ATM program solutions that offer a cost-effective way for the cruise industry to drive revenue while lowering ATM operation costs. By partnering with NCR, the largest provider of ATM software applications and hardware, and Travelex, the market leader in foreign exchange, maritime clients can launch an ATM program cost-effectively.

The daily management of the ATM channel within the cruise line industry is complex and time-consuming. The cost of managing a program is increasing, and cruise lines need to create a strategy to distribute cash – from determining disbursement locations to implementing the proper security protocols.

“At Brightwell, we understand that there are global economic pressures at play for our customers,” shared Randy Long, Director of ATMs at Brightwell. “We are consistently working to optimize and innovate our solutions to provide a full-service partnership. It’s our culture and who we are at the core of Brightwell.”

Brightwell’s ATM program solutions enable cruise line passengers to access cash in challenging locations in remote areas like the Fjords of Norway, Chile, South Korea and New Zealand. In addition, the program employs the strictest security protocols that secure ATM and card data while delivering the highest level of service.

With Brightwell’s ATM program, maritime clients can choose between the full-service and the self-service models. Both models offer customers the following:

  • Equipment installation, maintenance and operating support
  • Processing and settling transactions
  • Monthly/quarterly reporting metrics to manage the performance of your ATM channel
  • On-screen marketing ads to cross-sell on-ship experiences and programs
  • Network connectivity to ensure 24/7 availability

Customers who choose Brightwell’s full-service model full-service model will have access to capital financing for their ATMs and secure cash to master assistance. The self-service model will provide a daily report that includes an up-to-date forecast of the current cash position, use per day, and recommended load amounts for the on-ship ATMs.

“Working with Brightwell since 2019 has allowed us to move money safely and efficiently to new markets — further expanding our global reach,” said Angela Smith, Director of Wholesale Banknotes at Travelex. "As a leading supplier of wholesale banknotes, it’s paramount that we continue to build and develop excellent working relationships with organizations like theirs,”

“We’ve been working with Brightwell since 2018 after launching Brightwell’s payroll solution Navigator,” said Joanne Siron (PCL) director, Global Payroll and Fleet Resource Support Team. “Brightwell is a true partner that understands the needs of the cruise line industry.”

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