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Detect malicious patterns in card transactions in near real-time

Fraudsters and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the prepaid industry. Be prepared to protect your cards with Arden.

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At Brightwell, we are on a mission to help organizations protect their cardholders and stop fraud before it impacts the bottom line. Arm your agents with the information they need to identify and mitigate fraudulent attacks.

Be ready for your next fraud attack with Arden

Card attacks are a growing fraud risk and financial problem for card issuers and program managers globally. Is your company at risk? Arden is here to help protect your entire card portfolio with just one, simple platform.
Keep your cards safe
Fight fraudulent behavior, account enumeration, and card testing attacks for prepaid cards, gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards.
Protect your bottom line
Gain actionable insights with 24/7 transaction monitoring and recommendations to proactively prevent card testing attacks.
Utilize workflow automation
Spend less time manually searching for suspicious activity and repurpose your team resources from monitoring to action.