Consumers are concerned about card fraud. Are you?

In this report, our payment experts surveyed 1,000 consumers nationwide about their perception of card fraud and their willingness to take action. Download it now.

About the report

A new Brightwell survey reveals that consumers are ready to take action against fraud and prioritize security measures when choosing financial products. Download this report to learn more about consumers’ limited options for recouping stolen funds, who they blame when fraud occurs, and what they’re willing to do to protect themselves.
What you will discover:
  • The staggering losses due to global credit and debit card fraud in 2020 and beyond
  • The financial risks for businesses that fail to comply with card, payment, and data privacy regulations
  • How fraud can impact consumers beyond simple financial loss, plus how it impacts they way they view your brand
  • The limited options available for consumers to recoup stolen funds
  • The importance of security and fraud prevention in consumer decision-making
  • Differences in consumer perceptions of fraud along demographic lines
  • How Brightwell leverages Arden to identify and prevent fraud for our clients – enabling them to solidify consumer trust

Download the report now:

Tools to help

Consumers are becoming more aware of card fraud, and they are holding card issuers accountable. Learn more about how Arden can help your organization stay ahead of fraudsters and automate your team’s workflow, so you can protect cardholders before they are impacted.