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ReadyRemit makes it easier than ever for businesses, fintechs, and program managers to drive revenue and loyalty from cross-border remittances.

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Capitalizing on the cross-border remittance market

Cross-border remittances remains essential to fueling the global economy with more than 1 billion people worldwide transmitting and receiving international money transfers. While the market is growing exponentially there are many challenges surrounding the industry making it ripe for disruption.

Capture more revenue with ReadyRemit

From consumer remittances to corporate disbursements, here are just some of the ways that ReadyRemit adds value to help you capitalize on the international remittance market.
Technology first approach
ReadyRemit is designed to help you quickly and seamlessly integrate global remittances into your product via APIs or SDKs.
Compliance and regulation coverage
With 10+ years of experience with remittance partner integrations, we’ve built ReadyRemit as a compliant and user-friendly global payment solution.
A digital, global payments program
ReadyRemit supports P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B — for bank accounts, cash pickup, or mobile wallet — to 90% of the world’s population.1
  • 1 Estimated based on Mastercard, UN Worldometer and World Bank data