How to capitalize on the cross-border remittance market

In this playbook, our remittance experts shed light on the current state of the cross-border market and how to overcome challenges to capture a new revenue stream. Download it now.

About the paper

Cross-border remittances remain essential to fueling the global economy with more than 1 billion people worldwide transmitting and receiving international money transfers. While the market is growing exponentially there are many challenges surrounding the industry making it ripe for disruption.
What you will discover:
  • Data highlighting growth in the remittance industry.
  • Pain-points felt by both business and consumers alike making the industry ripe for disruption.
  • Challenges with cross-border services and traditional remittance integrations
  • Ways ReadyRemit can enable fintechs and businesses to launch global payments faster and more cost-effectively.

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Tools to help

ReadyRemit is designed to easily integrate cross-border remittances into your product via APIs or SDKs, giving you access to dependable rails and near real-time or same day payments to 120+ countries. Learn more about how ReadyRemit can help your business to capitalize on the remittance market and grow your revenue.