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The Industry Leader

Streamlining payroll for cruise line employers and empowering financial independence for employees around the globe

  • 15+ years maritime payroll
  • 40+ maritime clients (200+ vessels)
  • 300,000+ crew
  • Full currency capability: USD & EUR
  • Dedicated to employee welfare
  • Competitive remittance and payments options
  • Global customer support available 24/7/365
“We’ve selected Brightwell as our vendor simply because Brightwell is the very best at what they do. They offer the best experience and functionality, and our crew love the simplicity and ease of use.”
Doug Parks
Chief Administrative Officer
“We really appreciate the monumental effort that everyone at Brightwell is making so this implementation will be a success. We are especially appreciative of the globetrotting that you have done to reach all the shipboard employees and keeping us updated along the way.”
Simon Little
“The Brightwell team truly values its customer relationships. They continuously invest in their product and strive to provide exceptional customer service.”
Jeremy Schiller
VP, Finance Operations
Carnival Cruise Line
“Giving our team the tools, they need to manage life away from home is incredibly important and we’re confident that Brightwell offers the best product on the market to help us do that.”
Faye Ashby
SVP & Chief Accounting Officer
Norwegian Cruise Lines

Brightwell Navigator

Financial independence in the palm of their hands

Our innovative mobile and online platform, Brightwell Navigator, empowers employees to feel more connected to and in control of their money.

  • More choices – Send it, spend it, share it, or store it
  • Financial management – Complete transaction, bank accounts and profile management
  • Cutting-edge security – Video selfie login with FaceCheck
  • 24/7 global support – It is more than just money; it is their livelihood


Direct deposit to bank accounts worldwide

  • 100% employee managed within Brightwell Navigator
  • Option for % or fixed amount per pay period
  • Payroll can be deposited into one or two bank accounts
  • Deposit is scheduled to be received on payday
  • No need for client to manage employee bank account details

Brightwell gives crew choice

We bring together options so your crew can make the choice that fits their needs

  • Send to account or cash pickup
  • Select from multiple providers
  • Choose to send automatically on pay day or when it is convenient for you
  • Compare fees and rates before sending

ATM program

Upgrade your onboard ATMs and reduce cash on board

  • Lower cash costs
  • Leverage on-screen messaging to drive crew digital adoption and decrease cash exposure
  • Use receipt chasers to reinforce messaging or drive new behaviors
  • Improve guest experience and revenue with direct onboard marketing
  • Tailor offers based on ATM location within the ship

Fighting fraud from every angle

Account takeovers on the rise

  • We experienced an uptick in phishing attacks and account takeover attempts
  • In response, Brightwell deployed a 360° campaign to educate our cardholders about types of fraud, and how to protect their information
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We implemented FaceCheck

  • To mitigate account takeovers, we implemented a series of fraud guardrails
  • We also launched FaceCheck. FaceCheck creates an encrypted 3D face map used in place of a password
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Arden is born from necessity

  • Fraud comes in many forms, so we built Arden, our AI risk detection engine
  • Arden leverages a rules engine and machine learning to provide real-time insights to fight fraud before it impacts our crew

Customer service: boosting performance

Best-in-class customer service starts by putting our users first

  • Initial ticket response within 24 hours
  • Our team in the US and Manila – and Tagalog is an approved language for crew interactions
  • In mid-2021, we experience a record volume of support requests (4x higher) due to crew returning to service
  • Brightwell returned to full customer support staffing in fall 2021 which resulted in a boosted customer service stats
OSAT tickets
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First response
ticket 96%
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Support call
QA score 94%
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Support call
abandon rate <1%
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Implementation is a breeze

Throughout the entire process, experts from each area collaborate with your team.

Simple coding

Established Brightwell file specs we will work with your data to conform to the Brightwell crew registration and funding requirements. We have successfully tested file specs with the Azamara implementation

Virtual, onboard, or hybrid implementation

Project management, training, and enrollment can be completed in-person, virtually, or via a hybrid model.

Digital resource center

Our website and app are optimized for ship Wi-Fi. Our resources include instructional marketing materials, videos, and product information for crew and ship leaders.

Be in the know

Weekly enrollment progress reporting to include enrollments, bank accounts, FaceCheck, and more.

Thank you!

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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