5 data-driven ways to prevent payment fraud

In this checklist, our payment experts shed light on rising fraud trends and how your organization can minimize risk. Download it now.

About the paper

Fraud is on the rise and every minute counts to prevent losses. At Brightwell, we are on a mission to help organizations protect their cardholders and stop fraud before it impacts the bottom line. Arm your agents with the information they need to identify and mitigate fraudulent attacks.
What you will discover:
  • Data showing the rising crime in the prepaid and gift card industry.
  • Essential checklist of data needed to determine how many of your cards may be at risk.
  • Best practices that your organization should put into place to detect and prevent fraud from occurring.
  • How Brightwell leverages Arden, our A.I. risk detection engine, to identify and prevent fraud for our clients – most observe a 95% reduction.

Download our fraud checklist now:

Tools to help

Card related crime is on the rise and without a rigorous, robust data collection and interpretation system, catching fraud before it occurs can be near impossible. Learn more about how Arden can help your organization to stay ahead of fraudsters and automate your team’s workflow.