Ernie Moran

GM, Arden

Ernie Moran is the General Manager of Arden.

In his role, Ernie is responsible for bringing the Arden product to market successfully. He oversees product development and sales, supports customer relations, and touches anything else that’s necessary for delivering the product to clients.

Ernie has been instrumental in bringing the vision behind Arden to life, guiding the product through development and ensuring that it would help Brightwell achieve its greater mission of building products that connect people to financial services that create secure and frictionless user experiences. He has a strong user-first perspective, and it’s that point of view that helped shape Arden into what it is today. He is passionate about providing a positive buying experience to customers through the building and coaching of strong teams, and he focuses on offering real value to his company.

Before he started leading the development of Arden, Ernie was Brightwell’s Senior Vice President of Sales. Prior to his time at Brightwell, Ernie served as SVP of Sales for Merchant e-Solutions, an IT service management company with a background similar to Brightwell’s where he led large channels of partner development. He also has additional experience leading the strategy and sales efforts of high-growth organizations Elavon and First Data, and he came to Brightwell with a dynamic background with lots of experience managing and leading in tech.

Originally from New York, Ernie earned both his BBA and MBA from Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. When he’s not working, he can often be found sitting in on one of his four very active daughters’ recitals or shows. His ambitious and very talented girls keep him and his wife busy as they balance dance, music, theater, and art. Ernie is also fitness-focused, and often competes in long, arduous adventure races like Tough Mudder, Spartan, and Ragnar Relays.