Make the most of your maritime payment solutions

Brightwell offers our maritime clients a full suite of payment solutions to streamline business processes, improve crew welfare, and enable growth, including global payroll, full-service ATM services, and corporate disbursements.
“We’ve selected Brightwell as our partner simply because Brightwell is the absolute best at what they do. They offer experience and functionality, and our crew love the simplicity of their easy-to-use product.”
Doug Parks Chief Administrative Officer, Azamara
“Thanks for making it easy to send money home to our family and friends. We appreciate all of the effort the Brightwell team has made to make everything smooth and simple.”
Windel Tormis Chief Financial Accountant, Norwegian
“Working with Brightwell since 2019 has allowed us to move money safely and efficiently to new markets — further expanding our global reach. As a leading supplier of wholesale banknotes, it’s paramount that we continue to build and develop excellent working relationships with organizations like theirs.”
Windel Angela Smith Director Wholesale Banknotes, Travelex

How we work

Offer your crew a seamless experience with our industry-leading global payroll solution

Using the Brightwell Navigator app or website, crew can choose how to allocate their pay and view their recent card balance and transactions, all with hem with transparency and control.


Using the Brightwell Navigator app or website, crew can choose how to allocate their pay and view their recent card balance and transactions, all with transparency and control.

Today, some cruise ship workers are still paid in cash. Not only is counting individual wage packets for every crew member every week a tedious and costly exercise, but transporting vast quantities of cash to remote docks is a huge security risk for cruise ship operators and local staff.

To top it off, for crew members themselves (many of whom are unbanked) receiving payments in cash is risky, and provides little opportunity to take control of their financial futures.


In response to these challenges, Brightwell developed Navigator: An industry-leading digital payroll solution to empower crew members’ financial freedom.

Navigator provides a means for employers to pay wages by direct deposit into a bank account or onto a prepaid card. Rather than load, count, and distribute packets of cash, Brightwell customers simply submit a single batch file for payment, benefiting from huge savings in cost, time, and resources.

Navigator even provides employers with high-level insights into how crew are saving and spending their earnings, which helps them provide welfare and services that more effectively support their personal well-being.

Our products

A full suite of payment solutions to meet your needs

We build seamless, flexible, global payment solutions to help administrators achieve more. Pay crew members quickly and conveniently with Navigator, our global payroll solution. Get cash on-board via our full-service ATM program. Enable digital corporate disbursements to more than 120 countries around the world. Our offerings cover varying needs for clients to simplify day-to-day tasks so they can focus on higher-level objectives that add value for their companies.

Global payroll solution

Simplified payroll means empowered workers

Pay globally dispersed workers easily by giving them access to a prepaid debit card — and the Navigator mobile app to spend and send their money safely and easily worldwide.
  • Provide global workers safe access to their money and an effortless way to send it home via cross-border remittances already integrated into the platform
  • Access multiple remittance providers and options
  • Implement and customize quickly
  • Empower a diverse workforce and promote cardholder welfare with tools, videos, and educational materials
  • Prevent account takeovers and card testing attacks with fraud prevention tools and live staff monitoring transactions 24/7/365
  • Take advantage of in-app messaging to contact the support team, available 24/7/365
  • Easily make replacements with on-site card printers

ATM solutions

Let Brightwell handle your ATM program

Day-to-day management of the ATM channel is complex and time-consuming. Our program provides your team with peace of mind knowing they are working with the best in the industry for cash delivery, and innovative digital-first software and hardware.
  • Drive revenue and lower costs
  • Customize on-screen marketing ads
  • Review detailed metrics for reporting and analysis

Corporate disbursements

Easily, digitally pay customers and employees globally

Managing a corporate disbursement program can be time-consuming for administration, and many businesses still rely on outdated processes like cutting checks. With ReadyRemit, our clients can easily pay vendors, workers, and others not on payroll, and provide customer-facing payouts like rebates, rewards, and refunds with one digital solution.
  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks or handling petty cash
  • Send global payments with one fast, transparent, and cost-effective solution
  • Deliver payments in near-real-time or same day to most end points
  • Integrate ReadyRemit directly into your current toolset, or use our custom platform

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