Capitalize on the booming global payments market

The $702 billion global remittance market is expected to grow 75% by 2030. Ride the wave: capture more revenue by quickly, seamlessly integrating global payments into your products via APIs or SDKs with Brightwell.

“Amazing team and amazing product! Our integration with ReadyRemit and their APIs was a great experience. The documentation explains how everything flows together, making integration quick to understand and providing a fairly smooth experience. For any bumps along the way, the ReadyRemit team was ready and willing to jump in and offer world-class support. They made sure our overall experience went well — and most of all made our team feel like we were their top priority.”

Brandon Roberts|Engineer, inCruises

“Our shared passion with Brightwell for helping hard-working international workers share their income with loved ones safely and conveniently makes this a natural partnership. Brightwell’s technological expertise, combined with years of experience, make them an ideal partner with whom we can scale our cross-border payment solutions with clients around the world.”

Mark Corritori|VP, Mastercard Cross-Border Services

How we work

How we work

Meet the future of cross-border remittance


Cross-border payments are essential to fueling the global economy, with more than 1 billion people worldwide transmitting and receiving international money transfers. While the demand for cross-border remittance payments is growing exponentially, there are many challenges surrounding the industry, making it ripe for disruption.

Capitalizing on the international remittance market is full of complications — including costly and time-consuming licensing, compliance, product development, marketing, support, technological infrastructure, and risk management. As a result, traditional financial institutions and money transfer giants have long-dominated the cross-border payments market.

Nuances of cross-border payments can be complicated. Many fintechs, businesses, and startups want to add remittances to their products to meet the demands of global users, but are held back by poor experiences and other challenges, including:

  • Keeping up with ever-evolving and varying compliance and regulatory
  • Sourcing the right partner with necessary global connectivity and options
  • Recruiting the right talent to build, integrate, and provide required long-term maintenance
  • Expensive and time-consuming implementation, typically taking 6-9 months to complete
  • Monitoring transactions
  • Providing long-term user support
  • Creating marketing materials and running promotions to increase understanding and usage


ReadyRemit improves the process of enabling cross-border payments, offering both consumer remittances and corporate disbursements.

Let Brightwell help you launch a digital, global payments program quickly and efficiently — introducing a new revenue stream while adding value for users.

Use Cases

Our products

Our products

A cross-border payment enablement platform

ReadyRemit enables businesses, fintechs, and startups to send global payments

At Brightwell, we understand the arduous process of building a compliant and user-friendly global payment solution. ReadyRemit makes it easier than ever for businesses and fintechs to drive revenue and loyalty from cross-border remittances.

  • Easily onboard with our automated process 
  • Seamlessly integrate via APIs or SDKs 
  • ~Our APIs take on all of the development burdens usually left to the client 
  • ~You have ultimate brand configurability using the SDK solution 
  • Receive ongoing compliance and regulation coverage 
  • Rest assured with settlement and recon reporting 
  • Connect to 90% of the world’s population 
  • View strategic insights into pricing management 
  • Benefit from customer support (tier two clients only)
  • Access and utilize marketing materials

Corporate disbursements

Easily, digitally pay global customers and employees

Managing a corporate disbursement program can be time-consuming for administration, and many businesses still rely on outdated processes like cutting checks. With ReadyDisburse, organizations can easily pay vendors, workers, and others not on payroll, and provide customer-facing payouts like rebates, rewards, and refunds with one digital solution.

  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks of cutting checks or handling petty cash
  • Send global payments with one fast, transparent, and cost-effective solution
  • Deliver payments in near-real-time, or same day to most end points
  • Integrate ReadyDisburse directly into your current toolset, or use our custom platform

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  • Brightwell is a technology provider and not a bank or other regulated financial institution. All regulated services associated with ReadyRemit are provided by The Bancorp, N.A. Terms and conditions apply.