A corporate expense program designed to meet your specific needs

Leverage our APIs to easily launch your own corporate expense program, with the ability to customize a front-end experience to meet your business needs and processes.

Prefund virtual cards

Reload at anytime  

Access detailed settlement reports

You control the UI; we give you the APIs

Simplify your business expense management program

Do you have a large employee base that regularly makes purchases? We provide the visibility and tools needed to run a program all your own.

The Brightwell corporate expense program not only helps businesses better manage their money by giving more control of fund distribution across the company, but also decreases the risk of fraudulent activity.

With more control than any other program on the market, our clients receive ultimate flexibility with API access to run a full corporate expense program — all with the ability to design a custom UI and other individualized processes that meet their unique business structure and current toolset.

Benefits include: 
  • A general spend and reloadable product
  • Access to our online banking portal through APIs
  • Virtual accounts for real-time funding
  • Safeguard features like merchant category restrictions
  • A defined user-spend allotment
  • Detailed transaction descriptions to simplify accounting
  • Real-time emergency funding
  • Client service support and reporting
  • Customer care (if needed)

Prepaid custom cards

Design a card that fits your brand

Our corporate expense program gives you a high degree of control with the ability to design a custom or co-branded prepaid debit card. We also have in-house designers who can help to create a thoughtful composition that highlights your brand identity.

Transparency and control

Stay ahead with data-driven insights and reporting

If it’s detailed reporting you need, we’ve got you covered. Your internal team will have a high level of visibility with transaction-level data and insights to deliver to your stakeholders. Understanding user trends for card spend and load, balances, and even transactional history will help you improve the program over time — and most importantly, manage risk liability of credit.

Ready to get started?